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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Adventures of Dove Step the Sheep-Chapter 9

Dove awoke with a start! He looked for Mimi but she was no where to be seen. Then he noticed his tail was long again. Then he heard someone shouting, "Dove, Dove, Dove!" Then he woke again and saw Mimi. She was whispering, "Dove, wake up."

"What?" said Dove.

"Shhhh, you passed out after the stink bug squirted you and in all your prancing around you landed under a beehive. Be quiet!" said Mimi.

Things couldn't have felt more bleak to Dove. He had to make sure he was only hallucinating about being in a jungle where so many sheep were swallowed whole by an anaconda. And now he was under a beehive?!

Things couldn't get worse. Then they did.
There in his view was the biggest spider he had ever seen. Oh! Ewwww! Please let me wake up and be far, far away from this place. The wind was blowing but the spider merely bounced in the security of its very sturdy web.

That was it. Dove couldn't take any more. He jumped up and ran pell-mell straight for the lake!

There he met up with two young men who simply adored sheep.

He knew he would be safe and secure in their care forever and a day. He hoped that they would find another sheep to help keep him company-because sheep need flocks!
He begged them to take him home with them and keep him safe. Dove Step was certain he would enjoy sharing the boyhood adventures of camping and treasure hunts and tasting new flowers along the way. There may even be treasure hunts to add excitement to the path of life.

He hoped they would keep him safe from all the treacherous wild animals in a sheep's life. Like....
Until next year Dove Step, keep your hooves on solid ground, your jaws chawing on sweet green grasses and take care of your special treasure-those two young men!

The Adventures of Dove Step the Sheep-Chapter 8

Dove was walking with his herd at the beach. He had finally got the burrs out of his coat and planted them carefully.

Then he noticed a sand structure.
Dove walked closer only to see a little black bug walk out.

He leaned to sniff at it and got squirted. It smelled horrible!
Illustrated by D. Oscarson

Dove started running around trying to get the juice off. Then he jumped into the water. Two days later the farmer drove them to a nearby jungle. Then Mimi said, "We aren't supposed to be here."

"Where are we?
 asked Dove.

"We are in a jungle. My uncle's, dad's, grandmother's, and Aunt's, Nephew's wife died in this very jungle." replied Mimi.

"How?" asked Dove.

"A snake called an anaconda ate her. My great-grandmother said it was a very sad!"

The Adventures of Dove Step the Sheep-Chapter 7

After experiencing about kites, Dove found a painted strange thing on the ground. It looked like this:
It was interesting to look at. The design seemed balanced.

Mimi asked Dove Step, "How many ants does it take to lift one ton?" Dove chucked as he thought for a second, then replied, "A ton of ants!"

Dove's mom called to him to come see something she found stuck in the grass. He came romping over to see what all the excitement was about. What he saw next was interesting and definitely was NOT something to eat. It was long, thin and white. It had a funny kind of interesting pattern on it.
 Mom explained about snakes and how they shed their skins as they grow bigger. What they were then looking at was a snake skin. She then explained the respectful caution they needed to exercise around rocky and grassy places-where snakes regularly frequent.

As Mimi and Dove wandered off, Mimi noticed something stuck in Dove's fleece.

"What's that in your fleece?" Dove tried to turn to see it, but he ended up turning around and around. It looked like he was chasing his tail. Still he couldn't see it. When Mimi started to laugh he felt sheepish, stopped and asked for her help.

She tried to lick it out. But it poked her tongue. So she tried to bite around it and gently pull it out. It took three tries but she was eventually successful.

They took it over to mom to find out what it was. she told them it was the seed, called a cockle-bur. It came from the burdock plant.

Dove started watching more closely for burrs. One day he said to Mimi, "I stepped on a burr. Now I'm cold" in the middle of a summer afternoon.

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